Terms & Condition

Golden India

Terms & Conditions

The members of the Golden family have been made for financial help. In this family, all the members help each other with the funds from each other, the form of this help is in the form of donations, so it will not be refundable in any form. A member of Golden Family can register once from a mobile number, if a member is found more than one registration, membership can be canceled forever. This system works on the basis of cooperation. To get the help here, it will be mandatory to include 2 members. Members of this system are free to participate in all other schemes of the Golden Family. In return for your donation to this family (system), you can use the “Rest Houses” of the Golden Family located all over India. Breakfast and food will be available for free, the list of rest houses is available on the website. For the Golden family members, the family mall health center and all future facilities will be available at very affordable rates. There is no option of any help in this system for any other help such as girl marriage accidental disasters or serious illnesses, for this every member is required to register in the family's system of ₹ 1010.